How SMS surpasses mails for Customer Support !

Customer support plays a vital role in after sales services and customer retention once you have a bunch of clients for your business. The communication flow fills the space between the processes and is generally carried out within the professional mail space. As businesses are changing, the need to deliver a piece of information promptly is not only crucial for customers, but also for the organization to ensure the customers gets no reason to be unhappy with the services. Amidst challenging time complexities, SMS reaches out to customers promptly and has more chances of being delivered and read by a customer instantly.

Here’s why,

With promising industries like online cab booking, food ordering and many more, a prompt response is required to be shared by the organization for ensured service delivery. For instance, if a customer books a ride on a cab booking app, the driver details and ride information needs to be shared on the go for the customer to get in touch with the driver. If the communication process depends on mail, the customer will end up wasting a lot of time extracting information from his mail account. Thus the dependency on mails will hamper service delivery extensively. On the other scenario, SMS conveys a compact version of the information to be shared instantly which enables the customers to do the needful in a swift manner. Moreover, messaging service providers get notified if a message delivery is failed which enables them to resend the message through different channels.

Messaging service providers like Solutions Infini offers plugins that fit well in any application framework to allow sending of bulk SMS from a single platform in one shot. The plugins have detailed statistical reports that keep the company informed regarding their SMS campaigns. The ease of handling and reaching out hundreds of people at the same time enables cost-effective and effectual communication mediums for the organizations.