Opt-services, a customer elective messaging scheme !

Opt- services revolve around permissions given and denied by the customer to brands that use direct marketing campaigns to send […]

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The fine line between spamming and quality SMS-based engagement.

Respected board members of XXX co., I regret to inform you that our appeal has been rejected and we will […]

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Bulk SMS OTP (One time Password) is secured & reliable

Ensuring precise network security solutions for today’s ‘wired’ world is no easy task. Security professionals are faced with new challenges […]

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Telltale signs of a bad SMS campaign.

“Co.XXX: Thanks for your interest in XXXX! Your local area dealers still have great offers. Reply w/ur full name 2 […]

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6 ways to grab attention using SMS

SMS, the omnipotent messaging service and the prevalent communication method of both urban and rural masses has celebrated its 22nd birthday […]

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Txtly is here to spark your SMS campaigns.

Txtly enables businesses to trim and register their own short URL addresses to make them easier for sharing on messaging […]

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Future of SMS in India

Twenty-two years after the world’s first ever SMS was sent, the future of SMS in an emerging market like India […]

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SMS – Makes the government-citizen communication super easy!

Today, there are a bunch of media to choose from, but it leaves a question of ‘will it work?’ we […]

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How SMS APIs work without you having to lift a finger

Have you ever used a Twitter or Facebook app? How about a WordPress plugin? Do you use Google Analytics? Most of […]

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SMS: A step to the CRM summit.

So the Question arises now what is next big thing about SMS? Well, what if we consider the after sales and […]

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